Focus and Scope

MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) is a journal that publishes research results from the health field. This journal can publish research articles from midwifery. However, the scope of the type of articles submitted is the research articles in the field of health professions

 The Focus and Scope of MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) are as follows:

Midwifery ( Adolesence, Maternity: Prenatal care,  Intranatal care,  Pospartum care,  family Planning, Reproduction of Health), New Born,  Neonatus,  Pediatric, Management, Comnunity midwifery,  Emergency Maternal and Neonatal), Health Education, Evidence Based midwifery if the articles out of the listed scope will be automatically rejected by the editorial team before going into the review stage