Publication Ethics

Ethics Of Scientific Publications

The ethics of Scientific Publication Mahakam Midwifery Journal (MMJ) :

MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) is one of the journals that are managed by the Department of Midwifery Health Polytechnic Ministry of Health of East Kalimantan published the first time in 2016. The journal is published in on-line and published articles or scientific papers research results in the field of obstetrics include the Antenatal, Intra natal, Postnatal, Newborn, Baby, Toddler, and Pre-School Children, Reproductive Health, Family Planning (KB), Community Midwifery, and Emergency mother and child, health education,evidence-based midwifery.

Statement of code of ethics of the scientific this is a statement of code of ethics all parties involved in the process of scientific journal publication are the manager, editor, partner, and author (author). The code of Ethics of Scientific Publications, in essence, upholding the three values of ethics in the publication, namely (i) Neutrality, i.e., free from conflict of interest in the management of the publication; (ii) Fairness, i.e., giving the right of authorship to the beneficiary as an author; and (iii) Honesty, i.e., free from duplication, fabrication, falsifies, and plagiarism in publications.

The Responsibility Of The Publisher

  1. The publisher of MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) is responsible to publish manuscripts after through the process of editing, review, and layouts in accordance with the rules of Scientific Journal publishing.
  2. The publisher of MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) is responsible for ensuring academic freedom for both the editor and Mitrabestari in carrying out their respective duties.
  3. The publisher of MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) is responsible for maintaining the privacy and protecting the intellectual property and copyright, and freedom of editorial.

Responsibility Editor

  1. Editor MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) responsible for deciding the manuscript can be published through the meeting of the board of editors which refers to the applicable legal requirements regarding libel, copyright violation, duplication, fabrication of data, falsification data, and plagiarism.
  2. In the process of review and acceptance of manuscripts, a team of editors MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) is based on the principle of similarity of treatment in the decision to publish a manuscript with no distinction of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, or political ideology of the author.
  3. The Editor and editorial team MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) will not disclose any information about manuscripts or manuscripts submitted except with the permission of the author.
  4. Manuscripts not published will not be used by the research editor of the MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) for its own benefit and will be returned directly to the author.

Responsibility Mitrabestari

Mitrabestari MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) assists the editor in making editorial decisions on manuscripts/manuscripts submitted

  1. Mitrabestari MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) responsible for the recommendations manuscript reviewed.
  2. Analysis of the manuscript conducted objectively and is supported by the argument clear.
  3. Mitrabestari MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) responsible for quotations, references, duplication, fabrication of data, falsification data and plagiarism the text of the reviewed.
  4. Mitrabestari MMJ (Mahakam Midwifery Journal) should always maintain the confidentiality of the information and not use information from texts that reviewed for profit/personal interest.

 The Responsibility Of The Author

  1. The authors should present the manuscripts of the ideas or research in a clear, honest, and without duplication, fabrication of data, falsification data and plagiarism.
  2. The author is responsible for the confirmation of the proposed top of the script that has been written.
  3. The author must indicate the reference of the opinions and works of others cited
  4. The author should write the script in an ethical, honest and responsible, in accordance with the rules of scientific writing are applicable.
  5. The author has no objection if the manuscript undergoes the editing on the review process and layouts without changing the substance or the main idea of the writing.